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merry0 [userpic]

First icon tutorial!

May 1st, 2007 (12:27 am)

Locations: Home
Mood <3: refreshed

From this   to this    .

l am very sorry for my shitty english xD Please tell me, when you don't understand me.. I'll try to help^^"

First you dublicate your base and set it to screen, opacity 50%

New Adjustment Layer with Curves-> Click in the middle and take:
input 54
output 78

Set this curves to opcity 70%

New Layer. Fill it  with #F3EA84.

Set this Layer to Soft Light 70%

Then new Adjustment Layer -> Hue/Saturation.
Only use Saturation +45 in master

Later you open a new adjustment Layer -> Selective Colour


Cyan +51
Magenta +47
Yellow -73
Black 0


Cyan 0
Magenta +13
Yellow -34
Black -18


Cyan +25
Magenta +49
Yellow -4
Black 0


Cyan 0
Magenta -6
Yellow 0
Black 0


Cyan +4
Magenta +65
Yellow -12
Black -20

All on relatives.

Then you are done.

Maybe you can add an icon brush oder textures etc., when you want.

I have taken one from contagiouz.org

So I am done :D

I would love to see your results!

Questions? Just comment and ask me <3

merry0 [userpic]

Update (:

April 28th, 2007 (12:04 pm)

Mood <3: busy
Music <3: Jaqueline- Franz Ferdinand (thanks to Joanna <3)

Long time no see :D

Some new Icons, textures etc xD

Chaos o_O"

The last one is a wish icon from a girl at a board^^"


Pattern +rofl+

Please credit if you use etc xD

Have I told you that I got an A in my English Test? hrrr xD

merry0 [userpic]

Uff. Lazy Merry .__________.

April 11th, 2007 (10:01 pm)

Mood <3: sleepy
Music <3: I don't feel like dancing- Scissor Sisters

I am absolutly lazy. Still I have made Icons. (Thaaaanks to diapadme aka Jules^^") xD

They aren´t very pretty but..hmm..yay.

Some silly icons.. I like some of them, but some are such stupid >__<

Please credit and comment if you use. Thanks :)

Tomorrow I will go shopping. I am sooo happy xD I love to go shopping. I will buy some new Shirts and Jeans and lots of CDs (Franz Ferdinand, Fall Out Boy, Mika) and  the first /second season  of Greys Anatomy and maybe Dr House. I loooove this Shows.<33

merry0 [userpic]

New Icons <3

April 5th, 2007 (05:46 pm)

Mood <3: tired
Music <3: There´s a good reason these tables are numered baby- P!ATD

Some new Stuff.
I'm soo tired..I'm sitting here in Pyjama and here in Cologne it's 6 ó clock in the afternoon .__.


merry0 [userpic]

I am here again ~

April 3rd, 2007 (07:00 pm)

Locations: At home again. XD
Mood <3: lonely
Music <3: Karma Police- P!ATD (Cover Version of Radiohead)..live

Yes..Again here in Cologne. Puh. Hollidays are arduously. :D

In this few days I´ve read  out "Twilight" and "New Moon" from Stephenie Meyer... The books are so awesome. Now I´m really missing Edward. He´s such a wonderful vampire..I´m very surprised that I could like/love vampires. But now..Edward <3 he is so great..But now I'm feeling...lonely.

You too? :[

Now he´s up and away and I must still wait till August for the English relaise / till October/November for the German Relaise .____.

What for actors you use for Fan Arts with Edward? I thought of  Henry Cavill oder Robert Pattinson. They are perfect, aren't they? Do you have some suggestions? <3
Thanks :D

I'm so tired and hungry. Mao! At least I´ve got Hollidays and I must'nt get up early! (: Yeaaah <3

So on..<3 I´ve updated  Déjà vu Art on Friday with some Textures and so on.

But now I'm too lazy to update them here...Maybe tomorrow when I've time ! (Now I haven't got some to read ; __ ; .. and I have not schooooool <3)

By the way^^"


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